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Solent Achieving Value from Efficiency (SAVE) project poster presented to the ‘Clean Carbon‘ USRG by SERG’s Dr Thomas Rushby, 10th May 2017 References list: [1] EA Technology. Future Load Growth from presentation titled ‘SAVE Project Customer & Network Model Meeting’. 17th February 2015 [2] Newsham, Guy R., and Brent G. Bowker. ‘The Effect of Utility Time-Varying […]

Photograph showing the layout in the 21m Civil Engineering flume.

Marine current energy conversion technology is presently at the prototype stage where single devices are deployed, or planned for installation, at isolated testing sites. In the medium term, however, devices will be installed in arrays. Understanding the effect devices have on the flow is critical in determining how one device may modify both the performance […]

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3D rotor in cavitation tunnel

As a continuation of the first set of tests to provide further detailed design information and validation date for numerical models a new experimental test rig was developed. This test rig has been designed, built and successfully used to measure power and thrust on model tidal turbines under various configurations and flow conditions. The setup […]

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Cavitation of a prototype single rotor marine current generator in circulating water channel, QinetiQ.

A scale model a horizontal axis marine current turbine was tested at the circulating water channel facility at QinetiQ in Hampshire. The model was scaled such that the ratios of the rotor diameter/water depth and the blade tip speed/inflow speed were equal to that of a full scale device. The three bladed rotor depicted was […]

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