SERG attended International Conference on Renewable Energy, ICREN 2019 in Paris, France

Posted on 30th April, 2019

The Sustainable Energy Research Group attended the 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy, which was held in the UNESCO headquarter, Paris, France between 24 and 26 April 2019. The SERG team has contributed 13 papers, which are listed below.

  • Opening speech, Prof AbuBakr Bahaj
  • Comprehensive pre and post Installation Toolkit for Rural Mini Grids, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Dr. Majbaul Alam*, Prof. Patrick A. B. James
  • Site suitability analysis for renewable off-grid system using GIS-MADM in Sudan, Ms. Ayah Mohamed*, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Prof. Patrick A. B. James
  • Electricity Access in Off-Grid Philippine Islets: Potential for Improvement at Higher Tier Levels with Renewable Energy, Mr. Isabelo Rabuya*, Ms. Gelly Ann Zamora, Ms. Lorafe Lozano, Dr. Michael Lochinvar Abundo, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj
  • Evaluation of carbon emissions reductions resulting from a boiler replacement project in social housing, Portsmouth UK, Dr. Luke Blunden*, Prof. Patrick A. B. James, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj
  • Person-centric thermal comfort profiles informing localised HVAC strategies in low-energy office buildings, Dr. Stephanie Gauthier, Dr. Leonidas Bourikas*, Ms. Stella Pasalidou, Prof. Patrick A. B. James, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj
  • SAVE: Price incentives to reduce peak electricity consumption in homes, Ms. Elizabeth Steele*, Dr. Thomas Rushby
  • SAVE: network operator roll-out of lighting upgrades to reduce peak-hours electricity consumption in homes, Dr. Thomas Rushby*, Dr. Ben Anderson, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Prof. Patrick A. B. James
  • Harnessing the renewable hinterland: energy autonomous scale for cities and geographical limits, Dr. Michael Harper*, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Prof. Patrick A. B. James, Dr. Ben Anderson
  • Real time energy consumption comparison in domestic housing in cities of Portsmouth, UK and Xi’an, China, Dr. Yue Wu*, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Dr. Luke Blunden, Dr. Leonidas Bourikas
  • The Status of Marine Current Energy Conversion in China, Dr. Hongwei Liu*, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Prof. Wei Li, Mr. Yangjian Li, Prof. Yonggang Lin
  • Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimisation for High Resources Sites in Egypt Red Sea, Mr. Mostafa Mahdy*, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Prof. David Richards
  • Automatic fault detection in infrared thermographic images in photovoltaic arrays using deep convolutional neural networks, Mr. Alois Klink*, Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj, Prof. Patrick A. B. James, Mr. Anthony Walker
  • Enhancing Electrification Options through Renewable Energy in Refugee Camps: Cases in Uganda and Bangladesh, AbuBakr S Bahaj, Majbaul Alam*, and Patrick A B James