Dr Phil Yue Wu 吴越

Research Fellow in Sustainable Energy

Dr Phil Wu (吴越), BSc, MSc, PhDDr Phil Y Wu is a researcher in Sustainable Energy within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

Originally from a material science background, Phil obtained MSc in Sustainable Energy Technologies from the University of Southampton in 2011. His research project in energy storage for solar photovoltaic systems has contributed to the collaboration between the university and local industry, and demonstrated the feasibility of using a new type of batteries for storing electricity from solar systems. He was awarded PhD in Low Carbon City Assessment from the same department in 2016. His PhD research has contributed to a number of research programmes including the Liveable Cities project and the research outcomes are used by UK cities such as Southampton City Council.

MSc project: Testing a new type of battery (LiFePO4) for the use in solar PV systems
MSc project: Testing a new type of battery (LiFePO4) for the use in solar PV systems

Phil is currently continuing his post-doctoral research in the Liveable Cities project, which is a 5-year research programme jointly supported by 4 UK leading universities – Universities of Southampton, Birmingham, UCL, and Lancaster. His research topic is to investigate the possibility and impacts of reducing carbon dioxide emissions within a city. His research outcomes have been presented to Southampton City Council, influencing the policy making process of the city. Some of his findings have been published on online-based GIS (geographic information systems) portals, providing access for the general public to understand the energy saving potential of their homes.

Research Interests

  • City analysis aiming at emission reduction and wellbeing improvement
  • Solar energy assessment
  • Sustainability of cities

Research Projects

(Liveable Cities) Transforming the Engineering of Cities to Deliver Societal and Planetary Wellbeing

(UK – China Low Carbon City) City-wide analysis to propel cities towards resource efficiency and better wellbeing

Research Outcomes

Interactive maps  Roof-top PV 



Office: 7/5013, University of Southampton

Telephone: +44 (0)23 8059 3940
Email: phil.wu@soton.ac.uk

Posted in June, 2016