Wind Energy

Wind energy from micro level field trials to macro level resource assessments.

UK Onshore Wind Turbine Model Map

SERG PhD student Mikey Harper is working on a number of methods to assess the potential for wind turbine development in the UK. As part of this he has produced a map of on-shore wind turbine planning applications to date and has also developed a model for predicting the likelihood of planning success for future sites. […]


Title: Offshore Wind Energy in Egypt Researcher: Mostafa Mahdy Supervisors: Prof AbuBakr Bahaj and Prof David Richards Abstract Planning for an offshore wind farm (OWF) is a multi-discipline planning scheme. First is to study the feasibility of deploying this kind of renewable energy in a certain part of the sea, or to locate the most suitable […]

Serg Energy Saving Trust Report
17th July, 2009

Within the UK microwind trial research project funded by the Energy Saving Trust members of SERG have produced a report integrating issues of domestic wind speed prediction, measured performance results of the field studies, the potential market for small-scale wind turbines, customer feedback and recommendations for domestic consumers. Energy Saving Trust

Micro wind turbine sites in the UK, white dots: turbines  5 kWp and
< 10 KWp (Image mapping courtesy of Google Earth).

The UK has the best wind resource in Europe and this is now starting to be harnessed through both on-shore and off-shore multi-MW scale wind farms. Micro wind power technology, which is essentially the installation of small scale, 1-10 kW wind turbines on buildings or pole mounted as shown in Figure 1, is a rapidly […]

Micro wind generation modelling tool developed by the Sustainable Energy Research Group, turbine performance component.

Within the framework of a research project funded by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) a micro wind modelling tool has been developed by SERG prompted by the imminent arrival of the technology. The tool allows the user to define a particular micro wind turbine and simulate its performance at various locations in the UK. Various […]