Energy for Development

Reliable and affordable sources of energy are fundamental not only for wellbeing, but also for economic growth and poverty reduction.

Fulfilling the energy needs of developing countries without compromising the environment is a challenge, requiring imaginative policies and methods. Many rural communities in Africa do not have access to the national electricity network or the associated benefits in health and quality of life provided by electrical services such as lighting and refrigeration. The installation of modular energy technologies that can be operated independently provides a solution for these areas. SERG’s work in this area covers a range of geographical areas and generation scenarios.

The nearest e4D mini-grid to Nairobi, is Kitonyoni. For directions to Kitonyoni click here.

Please see the Energy for Development website for more information about the project.

19th September, 2012

The Energy for Development project has successfully completed the installation of the 13.5 KW solar plant in the rural Kenyan village Kitonyoni. The project addresses the electricity needs of rural communities in East Africa and addresses the fundamental scientific, engineering, social and policy research issues in rural power generation and distribution, transferring knowledge between participating […]