Below is a list of announcements for past, present and upcoming events from the Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) and its partners. SERG runs and attends various regional, national and international dissemination conferences and events to promote renewable energy research, its various projects and encourage collaboration.

Experiences from the first part of the programme, the Summer School in Sendai, Japan.

25th July, 2014

This event aims to analyse the role that community initiatives can play in the reduction of personal energy demand. It will focus on the ways in which community initiatives decide which audiences to engage, how they communicate their aims and what this means for their effectiveness.

Call for Expressions of Interest: “Shifting Routines, Changing Demand”: A workshop on the dynamics of household energy demand during daily and network peaks DEMAND Centre, Lancaster University UK 28 May (from 1:30pm) – 29 May (to 2pm) Convened by Yolande Strengers, Ben Anderson, and Mike Hazas

2nd September, 2013

Ewtec 2013, hosted in Aalborg, Denmark, saw the launch of the new International Journal of Marine Energy (IJOME) with Professor AbuBakr Bahaj as the Editior-in-Chief.

9th September, 2011

The European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, organized by SERG, was held at the University of Southampton in September. more details on the EWTEC Conference

17th September, 2009

SERG sent several staff and students to the 8th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) in Uppsala, Sweden. 6 oral presentations were given by group members and all were well-received. During the conference Dr. Luke Myers gave an interview concerning tidal power to Swedish radio.