CareTeam – Adult Support Digital Platform

Posted on 3rd July, 2018

CareTeam is a research project and partnership between Southampton City Council, the University of Southampton and Nquiringminds. It is partly funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.



What is the project about?

The ASDP aims to help adults who currently receive home care to remain independent and comfortable, living in their own home and to feel less isolated. In essence, this project aims to provide more efficient care services by involving the wider community, such as family, friends and neighbours.


Who can use it?

Anyone involved in the care of an adult living at home can use CareTeam. This includes the person in receipt of care and those closest to them such as a family member. They can invite family, friends, neighbours and other people to join their CareTeam.


What are the main features?

CareTeam is an app that can be used on a smart phone or tablet. It comes with different sensors that can be installed in the home. Carers can then use the platform to check remotely and identify potential issues.

  • App includes functions such as:
    Secure group messaging, Calendar, Updates and to do lists and Contacts.



  • Sensors can measure:
    Temperature and relative humidity, movement of people, specific activities, such as whether a hot drink has been made, or a door opened.


Household Trial

The ASDP approach links the activity schedule of the adult in receipt of care (e.g. carer visits) with in-situ monitoring in homes.

Results from the movement monitoring in household trials.

Houses 1 & 2 have people in receipt of care and show more movement in the bedroom at night as opposed to House 3. It was found that the number of motion events changes with activities and the size of households.


Interested in being part of the ASDP project and be one of the first to have access to the app and the sensors?

We are currently looking for participants to help test and feedback on the app and the sensors. If you know someone who is living at home with increasing care and support needs, please get in touch.

Being part of the trial would mean a free licence for those involved and sensors for the home of the person in receipt of care. The only requirements are to have a smart device with access to Wi-Fi or mobile data and to be over 18.

For more information on the app, the sensors and ways to participate visit CareTeam website.