The Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) is part of the Energy and Climate Change Research Division (ECCD) within the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

The group undertakes research in core areas of energy, specifically in Cities and Infrastructure, Data and Modelling, Energy and Behaviour, Energy and Buildings, Energy for DevelopmentEnvironmental Impacts, Microgeneration Technologies and Renewable Energy (Solar Photovoltaics and Marine Energy).

Our aim is to promote and undertake fundamental and applied research alongside pre-industrial development in the areas of renewable energy technologies as well as undertaking research related to the efficient use of energy in the built environment.

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Current Projects

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Office thermal camera survey image 12 small images showing simulated velocity deficit when tidal turbines are installed at different locations around alderney

Recent Publications

  • Buchanan, K., Russo, R. and Anderson, B (2014) Feeding back about eco-feedback: how do consumers use and respond to energy monitors? Energy Policyview paper
  • Blackmore T., Batten W.M.J., Müller G.U. and Bahaj A.S. (2014) Influence of turbulence on the drag of solid discs and turbine simulators in a water current, Experiments in Fluids, Volume 55, Article 1637. view paper
  • Browne, A. L., Medd, W., Anderson, B., & Pullinger, M. (2014). Method as intervention: Intervening in practise through quantitative and mixed methodologies. In Y. Strengers & C. Maller (Eds.), Intervening in social practices for sustainability: Beyond behaviour change. Routledge.  view book
  • Zhang L.X., Wang C.B. and Bahaj A.S. (2014) Carbon emissions by rural energy in China, Renewable Energy, Volume 66, pp.641-649. view paper
  • Galloway P.W., Myers L.E. and Bahaj A.S. (2014) Quantifying wave and yaw effects on a scale tidal stream turbine, Renewable Energy, Volume 63, pp.297-307. view paper
  • Leybourne M., Batten W.M.J., Bahaj A.S., Minns N. and O’Nians J. (2014) Preliminary design of the OWEL wave energy converter pre-commercial demonstrator, Renewable Energy, Volume 61, pp.51-56. view paper

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